Artisan is the future


I just read a great article about the growing movement of ‘artisanal’ products. In a world when goods are becoming so commoditised, hand-made wares made by expert craftsmen suddenly seem very appealing.

I think there are a few things driving this trend. ‘Custom made’ has always been a way to differentiate in the luxury market, though it’s more than that. I think consumers are becoming more conscious of waste and want something reliable, something they can “BIFL” (Buy It For Life is a growing subreddit).

I believe there will be a continuing trend towards bespoke, unique and customised products, with a hefty premium on those crafted by skilled artisans.

Here’s the article.

The Best of Journalism

Conor Friedersdorf  is one of my favourite writers, and one (along with Sam Harris) that I turn to for nuanced (and counter-intuitive) takes on current affairs.

He puts together a “Best of Journalism” newsletter and each year publishes a list of over 100 exceptional pieces of journalism. This is an amazing snapshot of long form, investigative journalism that will keep you interested for hours.

Get lost in the abyss here.