Less stuff, more time

For a while now, I’ve had an obsession with time. I think a lot about how best to spend my time, what I value, what brings meaning to my life and how to make sure I’m making the most of what I’ve got.

When I first started my ‘corporate’ career I was impressionable and started reading GQ, buying expensive suits and shirts, shoes and ties, tie clips and even bloody pocket squares! I try now to be a more conscious consumer but I realise it’s a really easy trap to fall into.

“We have a lot of stuff but we are poor in terms of our time and control of our time,” says Schor. “We must shift onto a path where we are less orientated to accumulating stuff and more orientated to accumulating time, connecting with people, building social capital. It is not how many toys you have when you die; it is much more the richness of your social life, that’s what really matters.”

This is an excellent quote from the really simple but well written article in Womankind “Why we need more time, and less clothes“. From a personal and sustainability perspective, it’s always interesting to think about whether you really need to buy a new set of threads.